Our Guides

At Planet Africa, our selected guides are our pride and joy. We invest substantially in training our guides as astute naturalists, local historians, conservationists, and of course vehicle mechanics. But more importantly, they are just fantastic travel companions. Our clients consistently report that their guide was the highlight of the safari, that they felt they were traveling with a friend who really took their needs into consideration. If you have a request for a specific skill, we will try to match you with the right guide. Your experience with us will be tailored, by you, from start to finish, and your guide will be there with you every step of the way.

Sadiq is one of the more experienced and specialised drivers having worked very closely with some of the best professional guides in Africa, and for photographers such as Nick Brandt and other film crews. His experience is apparent in his skill at approaching game and also placing the vehicle in the best position for photography.

Sadiq is extremely patient which makes him a favorite with kids, but his patience and determination also find him many of the elusive animals that others drive past. His favourite park is Ruaha National Park in southern Tanzania because of the remoteness and the wide variety of animals that are found there.