Hiking & Biking

Spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa – its peak at 5,895 metres. Towering over the plains of Tanzania and Kenya, it is considered the highest “walkable” mountain in the world – the ultimate adventure for climbers in Africa. We highly recommend the Rongai or Lemosho routes, as opposed to the more commercial (hence more crowded) Machame and Marangu routes. Nearby Mount Meru is a shorter, but also interesting climb; and Kenya’s namesake peak is a favourite among seasoned climbers looking for a scenic and interesting route. Of course, there are more casual hiking opportunities in many other places: the volcanic calderas of Ngorongoro, the rocky ridges of South Africa’s Drakensburg, and the peaks of the Virunga Volcanoes.

As if there are not already enough modes of transport on safari, we offer one more: biking. There are a few places where it’s possible to wheel among giraffe and zebra, and up rock kopjes, and along a river’s edge. It’s a fun way to blend fitness and safari!

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