Local Culture

The local culture of a country humanizes the experience, and adds a depth and personality that touches the soul. In Tanzania, wander the village of Mto wa Mbu, where several different tribes co-exist peacefully, and have lunch locally. Or walk among the Hadza, Tanzania’s aboriginal hunter-gatherer population, not genetically close to any other people, and have subsisted with little lifestyle modification for thousands of years. In Botswana, start fire with the San, and dig for scorpions. In Kenya, climb Ol Donyo Wuas with Kane, a legend of his generation. You will get lost in the lore of the Maasai, telling stories of warrior hood and the move to conservation.

There are chances to visit schools, meet the children, visit the hospitals, and village bars, or even residents in their homes. This gives you a real feel of the heartbeat of Africa – its colorful personalities, survivor mentality, and richness in the simple things. There are many cultural experiences to choose from, and we strive to ensure that they remain authentic, respectful and unobtrusive to the people.