Primate Trekking

If ever there is an experience, which humbles even the most hardened soul, it is to look into the eyes of a gorilla. The trek can be arduous, but the reward far outweighs the hardship. To be surrounded by the strong yet gentle presence of a troop of gorillas is a gift of a lifetime. A silverback stomping past, a young baby on its mother’s breast, teenagers causing havoc – it is as if you are back in your own house.

Combined with gorillas, or for folks who are looking to meet our closest relative, then chimp trekking is a similar but different experience. Chimp dynamics are very volatile with constant power struggles and harsh realities. Watching them is like watching a drama unfold before you. They can move fast and high, so it takes some work to get good visuals, but they often come close and perform various antics right near you.



Mahale Mountains Lake Victoria


Rwanda & Uganda

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