Water-Based Safaris

Powerboats, canoe and mokoro (Botswana’s local dugout canoe) are thrilling ways to explore outside of the vehicle. Safari from a different perspective, gliding over the water, quietly observing game both on the shore and in the lake or river is at the same time peaceful as it is exciting. Zipping along Okavango Delta’s permanent waterways, with papyrus whizzing by, or paddling a canoe in along the Zambezi river as elephants cross in front of you, and finally, sitting calmly and quietly in a mokoro sneaking up on the delicate Painted Reed frog make a some time on the water a highlight of a trip.

If you have always longed to feel the wind propelling you across the warm Indian Ocean, a dhow sailing adventure tops the memory bank. Whether you go out to sea with the locals for an hour in Zanzibar or spend four days island hopping in Mozambique, it is iconic. In some places, you can even catch your dinner!

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