Exploring Stone Town on Zanzibar

After an incredible safari experience often you just want to take some time to unwind on the beach where the pace of life is much slower.

By Mary Rijnberg  |  Last updated at 09 June 2018, 14:21

Africa offers an array of opportunities for some ‘R & R’ combined with your safari. Stone Town on Zanzibar offers all that, and more.

Go back in time

You can sense the history that lies in the cobbled streets of Stone Town. From the architecture of Sultans of old to the smell of spices intermingled with the scent of wood from carpenters carving the detailed doorframes and boxes that Stone Town is renowned for; you really feel like you are in an exotic world of bygone eras. Exploring Stone Town on foot is a must do experience – wander the alleyways, stop and chat with the local vendors and sit by the sea and watch the dhows sail past.

Local flavors

At night the Forodhani Park near the waterfront comes alive with food stalls and hawkers pedalling their wares – a dazzling display of fresh fish caught that morning, breads, pancakes and delicious sugarcane, ginger and lime juice. This is a very atmospheric place to spend an evening in Stone Town with paraffin lamps and lots of enthusiasm but do make sure they cook your food there in front of you and give it to you off the griddle.

You won’t know where to start, many of the delicacies being things you won’t have tried before, so make sure you do a round of the market and compare prices so you don’t get ‘tourist rates’ whilst enjoying the chatter of the locals who are friendly and happy to talk you through the array of food on offer which you can enjoy on a nearby bench whilst watching the night market scene before you.

Relax in paradise

Stone Town is a fantastic place to base yourself for a couple of nights of culture – a base for Spice Tours or trips to Jozani Forest and an introduction to Zanzibar life before you head to the beautiful beaches for tranquility and relaxation.


Mary Rijnberg

Mary Rijnberg

Mary heads up the Planet Africa team and is based in our Cape Town office.
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