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As avid travelers ourselves, we particularly enjoy adventures with a conscience. We are engaging in conversations about how we can do small things to bring a level of integrity into the business. Most of our conscientious actions are admittedly small things – like using locally made organic cleaners – but we support initiatives and lodges doing big things on the ground.

Rhotia Valley Lodge

The Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge is more than a lodge. Your stay at this community based lodge directly contributes to the well-being of the local children. The profits that the lodge makes from your stay go straight to the Children’s Home and to the two local schools of Rhotia. To find out more, contact us or visit the Rhotia Valley website.

Visit the Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge orphanage and read stories to the children.

Stay at Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge in Tanzania.

Olakira Camp

Many of our preferred lodges and camps are supporting local communities through small grassroots projects, and the majority of our favourite tented camps are treading very lightly on the earth. Tourism can have a very positive impact on the surrounding communities, as well as having a minimal impact on the environment. We welcome you to ask questions and delve deeper into the Ethics question, but also read further to see what we think is great about being in this business.

Stay at Olakira Migration Camp in Northern Serengeti for low-impact luxury camping.

Stargazing under the milky way at Olakira Camp, Asilia Africa.

Pack for a Purpose

Naboisho Camp and its guests support the local community in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy (Kenya) by donating books and equipment to a local primary school through the Pack for a Purpose initiative. To find out more about this initiative contact us or visit the Pack for a Purpose website.

Help with the Pack for a Purpose project to support the Ole Seri School near Naboisho Camp, situated in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya.

Support with the Pack for a Purpose project to support the Ole Seri School.

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