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This magnificent country is home to some of Africa’s most legendary safari stops: the natural wonder of the Victoria Falls, the incredibly game-rich national parks of Hwange and Mana Pools – but adding to this rich natural heritage is a ‘make a plan’ attitude that has managed, despite its recent political tumult, to keep Zimbabwe as one of the most rewarding and inspiring safari destinations.


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The most asked question is “Which side is the best side to view the Falls?”. Zimbabwe and Zambia go hand-in-hand as they are located on opposite shores across the mighty Zambezi river. The town of Victoria Falls is located on the Zimbabwean side whilst Livingstone is on the Zambian side.

In our opinion, Zimbabwe does have the better view of the Falls. However, with quick and easy access to Zambia (a day-visa is available), why not visit both? A visit to Livingstone Island (Zambia) is well worth a trip across the border as you can enjoy the view right from the top of the Falls. During low water levels, enjoy a swim in Devil’s Pool situated on the edge of the Falls (pre booking is essential).

Victoria Falls is also easily combined with any safari itinerary whether you are in southern parts of Africa or even East Africa!


Due to its vast size, Hwange includes a diverse range of habitats from bush scrub to dense teak forests punctuated by large granite outcroppings. Its most prized area, however, are the open plains and seasonal pans where it is possible to see an incredible diversity of species in just one day. Renowned for its elephant and lion population, a safari here rewards quickly and easily with exceptional sightings. It’s possible to see the more obscure sable and roan as well.

Just a few hours south of Victoria Falls, it is possible to use drive and train to get here, but most safaris fly-in to one of the park’s airstrips. Once there, game drives and walks are preferred mode of wildlife viewing.

Hwange is famous for its large elephant and buffalo herds, sable antelope, excellent plains game and predator sightings.


Opposite Zambia’s Lower Zambezi River, you will find its cousin in Zimbabwe: Mana Pools National Park. Cutting through the valley for centuries, the Zambezi river has formed an amalgamation of lakes, floodplains and channels which now define the ecosystem here.

Hosting excellent populations of elephant in the dry season, and general game year-round, this renowned wildlife-viewing area is a must-see from May to November. Exploration here on foot, by canoe or vehicle, makes a rewarding spot for doing safari as it was done decades ago.

Mana Pools: one of Africa’s most renowned game-viewing destinations.


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Where to stay in Zimbabwe

Some of our preferred safari camps and lodges

Victoria Falls Hotel

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Lovingly referred to as the ‘Grande Dame of Victoria Falls’, originally built in 1904 as accommodations for workers on the Cape-to-Cairo railway, it is now a 5-star luxury hotel. Walking through the hallways is like walking through a museum. Dramatic views of the gorges of Victoria Falls., and incredible dining and an exquisite high tea service.

Staying here offers easy access to all of the activities that Victoria Falls is famous for: bungee jumping, white water rafting, helicopter rides and more. A wonderful place to stay in the heart of Victoria Falls.

Somalisa Camp

Hwange, Zimbabwe

Located on the eastern side of Hwange National Park, the camp is in a stunning location on a seasonal waterway providing breathtaking views of the savannah plains and regular visits by the park’s famous elephant herds. The camp even has its own ‘elephant pool’ that is a natural waterhole where herds of game come for a drink.

Somalisa consists of 7 elegant and luxurious tents that include a fireplace for those cold winter nights and overhead fan for the hot summer days. The guiding and staff are wonderful, and the spirit of this owner-operated camp is uplifting.

Ilala Lodge

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Offering distinguished, yet affordable, accommodation in warm elegant African surroundings. Excellent value and ideally situated to use as a base to explore the Victoria Falls as well as the lively town centre.

The Falls are an easy 20-minute walk from the lodge, allowing you plenty of time to admire this natural wonder at your own pace. The town is even closer as you enjoy a stroll through the various shops, markets and cafés. The Palms restaurant is a great choice for any meal. You may dine inside or on the patio overlooking the gorgeous gardens in a tranquil setting.

Kanga Camp

Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Straying away from the usual location on the banks of the Zambezi river, this camp has chosen a less common area, and as a result its isolation is a real luxury. Set in a remote area of the park, with the only year-round water source, it’s a wildlife magnet, and exploring by foot is a particularly exciting. Pristine and undeveloped, this area gives you a pure, unspoilt, private African safari experience still with ready access to the riverfront, not a long drive away.

Open just part of the year (roughly April to December), Kanga Camp is a rustic, intimate camp with a total of 6 tents that overlook a waterhole, and it is possible to not even leave camp and have a rewarding safari.

Batonka Guest Lodge

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Just a short walk to the town’s main attractions, and yet set in a peaceful and quiet garden setting, this newcomer to the Victoria Falls scene, is a little hidden oasis. The expansive garden with a lovely pool is flanked by a one-story colonial estate style home consisting of 22 contemporary style suites.

A real treat of a property, excellently located for taking advantage of all of the Vic Falls adventures.

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